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Emirates Battle

Unbelievable “WOW” landing by an Emirates A380 at DUS (Düsseldorf Airport) in Düsseldorf, Germany. Below, a screenshot

Whale Wash

Have you ever wondered how some airlines keep those beautiful airplanes clean and glossy? Do you

Dubai Reign

Forgiveness is the future. Dark clouds, a downpour and some Emirates big iron from the window seat of an


A peek at one of Emirates’ United for Wildlife Airbus A380’s on a visit to YYZ (Toronto


Nose to nose at night with the Whale, an Emirates Airbus A380, on the taxi to

Dubai Reflektor

A slick ramp at DXB (Dubai International Airport) gives off some “Dubai Reflektor” as this Emirates Airbus

Around the World 5

Another edition of Around the World in aviation… (Airbus Edition) Three interesting stories/videos. Click the photos


Big Boeing 777 engine fan blades whirling while cruising on an Emirates flight from HKG (Hong

February 2016 Top Posts

Here are avionography’s Top 5 most viewed posts from February 2016! Thank you, as always, to all contributors

Dubai from the Sky

The cityscape of Dubai and the Persian Gulf from the window seat of an Emirates A380 approaching