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380 Sky

Korean Air Airbus A380 blazing the sky at 39 000 feet on its way to JFK

happy (con)trails

Heading south, passing beneath a fading contrail at 34 000 feet. #notchemtrails Photo Credit: Avion

Twists and Turns

The twists and turns of life merge into a winding coil. Thick and thin, billowing, compact

Faraway, So Close

Two distant aircraft seem aligned as they fly the blue sky. Faraway, So Close… Faraway, so close

Around the World

Here’s a collection of interesting aviation links from around the world in the past few days…

Durban Sky

A lone contrail streaks across the Durban sky during sunset in South Africa. Subscriber Photo Credit:

Treasure Hunt

Crossing mid-afternoon contrails in the blue sky above the deep green trees of Sauble Beach, Ontario,

Asda Town

London England Sky – Subscriber Photo Credit: A. Azhar Asda Town lyrics by Suede Listen here: Asda


Contrails fade over the blue Nigerian sky… SubscriberPhoto Credit: Onokioja

Welcome to Avionography

Capturing flight… That a heavy metal – and more recently composite, structure filled with electronics, wire,