Around the World 5

Another edition of Around the World in aviation… (Airbus Edition)
Three interesting stories/videos.
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Around the World

Did you know the Emirates Airbus A380 fleet flies almost 1.5 million km or 35.8 times around the world in ONE day with the longest a 14,430 km flight from LAX to DXB?

Just over a month ago, Cathay Pacific debuted their first Airbus A350 in Toulouse, France. Cathay Pacific has 26 of the 1000 Variant of the A350 on order.

Jet Blue USA

jetBlue received the first ever Airbus A321 built in the United States today. Many of the airplane components were shipped to the Airbus USA facility in Mobile, Alabama all the way from Hamburg, Germany, but over 40% of the parts are made in the USA. (Photo Credit: Chris Sloan)

Red Gryphon
Sriwijaya Thunder